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Re: eclectus vs african grey

Posted by Jen on 3/11/09
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    Judging by Randy's around and about answer, I'm not sure if he even
    knows how to answer you so I will.
    I have several eclectus and an african grey. We've had both for
    many many years and I prefer the male eclectus for a companion
    parrot. They speak just as well as the african greys but they tend
    to not gravitate towards one person in the family. Our male ekkie
    goes to just about anyone and he speaks very very well. The do have
    specific dietary needs though that you will need to read up on. No
    seed diets and if they are weaned to a pellet diet you need to make
    sure its an ekkie friendly color or preservatives.
    Roudybush makes a good low fat pellet that is perfect for eclectus
    as they tend to become hypoglycemic. They have long digestive
    tracts so they need to be kept on low fat diets to prevent fatty
    liver problems.
    Don't get me wrong, greys are awesome birds, but if you want a
    family bird that everyone is going to enjoy, you will prolly be more
    happy with a male eclectus. Good luck!