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Re: eclectus vs african grey

Posted by Randy on 8/03/08
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    On 8/02/08, conni warner wrote:
    > hi I am considering a parrot and I have been reading
    > everything I can. What would you recommend an eclectus or
    > an african grey? I want a talker but a parrot that will
    > bond with the family not just one person. Any advice??

    All parrots have the natural ability to bond with just one
    person. Usually, it's the owner's fault( not done on
    purpose) because not enough time is spent socializing the
    bird with all members of the family immediately after first
    getting the bird. That should be the #1 priority.

    As far as talking, some have the ability to talk more than
    other species but on the other hand, any bird you get isn't
    guaranteed to talk no matter what their reputation. These
    are some of the things that aren't put in books. So, talking
    shouldn't be high on the list when choosing a bird. All
    birds talk, some in human language but more so in parrotese
    language and after a while, the owner gets to know exactly
    what that bird is saying in parrotese. Human talking by a
    bird is just mimicing something...parrotese is the true form
    when the bird wants to get a message across.