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Re: green parrot with a red beak

Posted by S. on 9/09/08
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    Sounds like an Alexandrine parakeet to me.


    On 8/18/08, Heather wrote:
    > I was sent this from my mother in law and can not for the
    > life of me figure out what kind of parrot this is.
    > hi guys have a question for you we had a parrot given to
    > but we dont know what kind he is . hes all green and has
    > red beak with a small white line at the top of his beak,
    > looks like his wings and tail is a little darker then his
    > body. let me know if you have any ideas what he is
    > It is green with a reddish beak about 6-7 inches with out
    > the tail.