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Re: question about behavior

Posted by S. on 8/23/08
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    He is simply showing you his dominance over you. He is up
    higher than you and wants you to know it. I would recommend
    holding him on your arm instead to see if that changes his

    On 8/21/08, Jeanne Anderson wrote:
    > I have a blue headed pionus, very affectionate, great bird.
    > he does something that I was wondering what it might mean.
    > He gets on my shoulder and gets real close to me, making
    > noise, not squacking, and he moves alittle back and forth
    > and up and down.Its like he can't get close enough and it
    > almost like he is being affectionate. I can do anything
    > with him, doesn't bite, scream, has run of the house, loves
    > to be where we are. He doesn't do this all the time, just
    > sometimes.