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Re: Mitred Conure with OCD

Posted by ctherose on 9/13/08
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    On 9/11/08, Randy wrote:
    > On 9/10/08, loiseliese wrote:
    >> My conure has been diagnosed today with OCD Yhe vet is
    >> starting her on medication anyone have any advice for me?
    > If this situation concerned a person, there are
    > discussion/support groups where problems like OCD can be
    > discussed and possible suggestions/help can be given out. In
    > this case, you're talking about a bird. It's a problem that
    > can differ in each bird and the only person to discuss this
    > problem with is your vet because it's a medical disorder.
    > OCD differs in each person/animal that it affects and you
    > need to discuss the specifics with him/her. He/she should
    > have ideas on how to deal with the different areas that the
    > problem exists in.

    Being amongst the info-challenged in this world, what is "OCD"?
    Thanks, Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose