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Re: Mitred Conure with OCD

Posted by Pami on 9/25/08
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    On 9/14/08, Randy wrote:
    > On 9/13/08, ctherose wrote:
    >> On 9/11/08, Randy wrote:
    >>> On 9/10/08, loiseliese wrote:
    >>>> My conure has been diagnosed today with OCD Yhe vet is
    >>>> starting her on medication anyone have any advice for me?
    >>> If this situation concerned a person, there are
    >>> discussion/support groups where problems like OCD can be
    >>> discussed and possible suggestions/help can be given out. In
    >>> this case, you're talking about a bird. It's a problem that
    >>> can differ in each bird and the only person to discuss this
    >>> problem with is your vet because it's a medical disorder.
    >>> OCD differs in each person/animal that it affects and you
    >>> need to discuss the specifics with him/her. He/she should
    >>> have ideas on how to deal with the different areas that the
    >>> problem exists in.
    >> Being amongst the info-challenged in this world, what is "OCD"?
    >> Thanks, Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose
    > OBSESSIVE COMPULSION DISORDER----a problem that affects people.
    > First time I ever heard of a bird being diagnosed with this
    > problem.

    I've been living with OCD most of my life, and the year that I
    was diagnosed with the disorder I was told that I had too much
    seratonin in the brain and the doctor explained that birds have
    too much serotonin in their brains and that's what helps them make
    nests, look for food and take care of themselves, the serotonin
    makes them act repeitevely, do things over and over. A person
    with OCD do certain routines over and over and also have recurring
    thoughts., birds do the same thing, but I always thought it was a
    normal thing with birds because of what I had been told. To me all
    birds have OCD. With them it's not a disorder.
    Just google OCD and you will have the whole story.