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Re: bird food bugs

Posted by Sharon on 11/08/08
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    On 9/14/08, Dena wrote:
    > Hello can anyone help me get rid of this is flying moths
    > things. what worked for you? thanks Dena

    I went through them for a bit when I was getting my seed
    from a local Bird shop. I had a heck of a time getting rid
    of them. i no longer buy any seed products or anything at
    that shop.
    I ended up having to really stay on top of vacuuming and
    cleaning to get rid of them.
    When you buy seed put it in the freezer for 2 or 3 hours and
    it will kill the moths.
    They sell moth traps. I think though that a big zapper is
    better especially if you have a bird room with many birds.
    Make sure to keep any paper or fallen seed cleaned up and
    spic and span around the cages as they can crawl in places
    and nest and hatch out more of the little farts. My friend
    had them so bad she took her birds outside in the summer
    totally cleaned and shampooed removing all from her bird
    room and then cleaning cages well and putting them back to
    get rid of them.

    Good Luck