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Re: bird food bugs

Posted by Randy on 9/14/08
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    On 9/14/08, Dena wrote:
    > Hello can anyone help me get rid of this is flying moths
    > thnigs. what worked for you? thanks Dena

    If they started out as little black bugs in parrot mix, you
    need to take about 1 lb at a time and refrigerate it until
    you use it. Any bugs in the food will die.
    If you already have flying bugs around you birds/food, nows
    the time to dump the food and get new stuff from a diferent
    If you generally have indoor moths constantly flying around
    all the time and it has nothing to do with the bird food,
    then go to Home Depot or other lage garden store and
    purchase a small bug zapper. That will attract the moths to
    it and as soon as they get on the grid that surrounds the
    bulb, they get electicuted/