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Re: Types of Parrots

Posted by The Petman on 11/27/08
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    On 11/27/08, R U Nuts? wrote:
    > On 11/27/08, Randy wrote:
    >> On 11/25/08, Dena K wrote:
    >>> On 11/23/08, Jennifer wrote:
    >>>> What would be the best parrot for a 10 year old
    >>>> girl.Thanks.
    >>> a cockatiel
    >> or a parrotlet

    or a California Condor
    > A Parrotlet? That's like giving a child a trained, fighting
    > Pitbull. They are NOT great birds for children.
    > Please don't even try to defend your answer. Parrotlets are not
    > great pet birds for a person of ANY age.