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Re: my orange-winged amazon was diagnosed with e-coli

Posted by Internet Vet on 11/26/08
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    On 11/26/08, ada wrote:
    > My orange-winged amazon has been sick since Labor day. I
    > noticed that his eye was closed and teary. Took him to the
    > vet treated and cultured his throat. Culture came back
    > positive for e-coli, however antibiotics are working for his
    > throat but his eyes remain shut, closed and swollen. Taken
    > him to the vet next week again. Any advice of why this is
    > happening to hime.

    Ada, asking a question such as this is NOT the best thing to
    do on a bird board.
    You will get MANY opinions and probably most of them will not
    be correct.
    If you took your bird to the vet and he prescribed an
    antibiotic for him, a phone call to this same vet will get
    you a more constructive answer than you will get here.
    Didn't this vet want to have a follow up to do another
    culture to make sure the bird was indeed free of E-coli after