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Re: Alexandrine parakeet information requested

Posted by the truth on 12/20/08
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    On 12/20/08, Alexandria wrote:
    > On 12/20/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> Hi Claudia.
    >> I doubt very much that the cage aggression has anything to do
    >> with her being an Alexandrine. In fact, they are usually
    >> about as laid back as a Tiel or a Budgie. I would almost
    >> guarantee it has more to do with her previous situation. If
    >> you have contact with the previous owners, you might give
    >> them the 3rd degree on all manner of how she was treated, how
    >> was she about the cage, did anyone torment her, etc. They
    >> may have always tried to "grab" her out of her cage instead
    >> of allowing her to come out on her own, if she wanted to. In
    >> the meantime, I'd just handle her as I would any other
    >> parrot having the same issues. More cage open time, more out
    >> of cage time, as much time with you one on one as possible.
    >> I know you know the drill. Just lots of patience. Good luck
    >> with the little lady.
    > What kind of theory is this? I know you pride yourself in
    > avian internet psychology but you really don't know
    > Alexandrine's Tiel's or Budgie's.
    > Cage aggression is not always how a bird was treated. Some
    > birds, no matter how sweet they are out of their cages take a
    > possessive attitude to their cage and what they perceive
    > belongs to them. They don't have to be grabbed or tormented
    > develop this although that can be a possibility.
    > Some of the nastiest birds are tiels and budgies and they bite
    > to save their souls. They attach and grind. "Laid back" is
    > not a term a knowledgeable bird person would assign to these
    > two species of birds.
    > But hey, I'm just a lowly bird person and don't sport the
    > credentials that you flash.

    Don't worry, Greylady only THINKS she knows what shes talking
    about. And every once in a while she gets real lucky and she
    gets it right. However, anyone that spouts their opinion as
    much as her has to get it right every now and then.