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Re: Alexandrine parakeet information requested

Posted by claudia bates - physioc on 12/28/08
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    On 12/22/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 12/21/08, the truth shall set you on fire wrote:
    >> Maybe I'm a Davina but not a Dave dear.
    > Alrighty sweetie, whatever you say. Just don't go off your meds.

    Thank you Graylady,for your response to my initial request for
    information. Over the years I have learned a lot from this site and have
    hopefully given some information as well, but I always end up leaving
    because I don't have time or patience to tease through all the
    scabbling. Unortunately, it is our birds who ultimately suffer. I try
    and take the stuff that makes the most sense and leave the stuff that
    doesn't. I have several different places from where I can research and
    learn. Our birds would all benifit from a friendlier and safer place
    where we can ask questions and recieve answers.

    I wanted to catch you up on on Alex, our adopted Alexandrine Parakeet.
    She has gone from being totally unapproachable to an absolute cuddle
    bunny (in about 7 weeks) and I haven't even done anything except to be
    respectful! Her screech is rather earsplitting, but certainly no louder
    than my macaws. She also makes a very funny R2D2 sound. I still don't
    know much about these birds other than what i've read on-line. Does
    anyone have one? I'd love to hear your experience.
    Thanks, Claudia