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Posted by THE MORE YOU KNOW...... on 1/23/09
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    Well heres alittle more info so you aren't so quick to judge
    this person............

    John broke his back a short while ago and its been hard for
    him to clean like hes used to. Add that to the fact the people
    that promised to help him clean failed to show up lately. He
    went to animal control a while back to see if they would take
    some of the birds and they refused. Also, the new head of
    animal control in Weatherford is over zealous and didn't know
    John. Seems that everyone else in Weatherford [and everywhere
    else] knows and respects John for what he does for the birds.
    If you knew this man you would agree that animal control has
    done a great injustice. Those birds are all well fed and
    healthy. There are a few that were plucked but he received the
    birds that way. He has been able to stop many birds from
    plucking but when the feather folicles are damaged or gone
    when he receives the bird, the feathers will never grow back.
    Please sign the petition.

    > Please read and look into this before signing anything. This
    > person has a problem and it is BAD! NO bird should live in
    > these conditions!
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    > On 1/20/09, THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! wrote:
    >> please please please go to this link and sign this
    >> petition to help this fellow out. This parrot rescue is
    >> being wrongly accused.
    >> rescuers-birds.