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Re: Anyone use Red Palm Oil?

Posted by Gwen on 2/28/09
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    On 2/28/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > I have never heard of using it on their outsides, only as a
    > dietary supplement. Since it's harmless, I'm sure it
    > wouldn't hurt but I think it would be awfully messy and I
    > would be afraid that getting something that greasy/oily on
    > their feathers might lead to over preening, then to
    > plucking. Harmless or not, I'm betting they would worry
    > themselves to death, trying to get rid of it because
    > something like that, in the wild, would maybe hamper flying,
    > which would mean extreme vulnerability to predators. When
    > mine have dry skin/feather issues, I put aloe juice, straight
    > from the plant, in their bath water. I cut an arm from the
    > plant, slit it open, squeeze the gooey in and mix around.
    > Aloe is very good for them, both inside and out so it doesn't
    > matter how much you use. You might try that first. Oh, and
    > it's also good to massage a little into dry feet and legs and
    > it even works a bit as a beak conditioner.

    Thanks GreyLady! I actually tried it in their bath water ... I used about a tsp in a
    Large spray bottle. Had to shake it up quite often but it still separated for the
    most part. I used it on my hands first to see how much of the oil actually came
    out and it felt about the same as using aloe in the water. All of the really thick
    messy stuff didn't come out so it worked quite well. Now everyone's dry and their
    feathers look alot better even now. Everybody is molting so they're looking a little
    ragged but the palm oil seemed to help that. I can imagine if too much is used
    they'd go crazy ... I put too much on my hands and went nuts trying to get it off!
    The reason I tried that is because one of my macaws that has really dry skin and is
    itchy all the time is allergic to aloe :-( Everyone else can use it but he can't and
    he's been itching like crazy so of course we went to the vet "just incase" and all is
    good just dry skin. Kinda feel like an over protective mom lol

    Thanks again, you always reply quickly and with a good answer!