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Re: Anyone use Red Palm Oil?

Posted by Gwen on 3/01/09
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    On 3/01/09, Stunned wrote:
    > On 2/28/09, Gwen wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone!
    >> I've recently noticed a few of my fids itching and
    >> occasionally pulling pin feathers out. We've all been to
    >> the vet to find nothing but dry skin. I don't run a
    >> humidifier but my guys get baths pretty often. (once every
    >> day or 2) I recently bought a case of red palm oil for
    >> myself and I found out that it's good for our feathered
    >> family members also! It tastes like crap to me but I use it
    >> for my hair. I'm going to try giving it to my fids on some
    >> toast or bananas or something but I was wondering about
    >> giving them baths with it? Oil doesn't mix well w/ water
    >> but that's how I use it on my hair and it has helped w/ my
    >> dry scalp so I was wondering if anyone uses it like this
    >> for the birds? Does it help?? Mixed w/ warm water and
    >> shaken often??
    >> Any input is appreciated! Thanks Gwen
    > Gwen,
    > I'm going to try to remain calm when I say this, but when I
    > read this I couldn't believe my eyes.
    > Oil, of ANY kind, is the number one enemy when applied to
    > feathers on ANY bird in this world.
    > Oil compromises the integrity of what a feather is designed
    > to do. It takes away the protective and insulating value
    > that the bird requires.
    > Have you never seen, read or heard the the documentaries
    > where water fowl die when oil spills invade their water
    > territories? Surely you've seen the birds being washed with
    > detergent to get the residual oil off of their feathers.
    > Many die because it is too late for them.
    > scalp are nothing in comparison to the feathers of a bird.
    > Red Palm oil is very useful and beneficial for dietary
    > enhancement with birds. Use it as the oil in your bird bread.
    > Mix it with the bean or rice mixture you make when it is just
    > made and still warm. This helps to distribute it over the
    > food. Mix some into a small amount of seed and serve it to
    > your birds. Lightly steam some veggies for them and mix it
    > with them when they are warm. The options are endless.
    > The fact that you refer to your birds as "fids" implies that
    > you have lost the concept that they are birds and not humans.
    > Please give them the respect and understanding that they
    > deserve as animals and NOT humans.
    > And for Grey Lady, I'm appalled that you found nothing out of
    > sorts with this method since you dole out information as if
    > you are an avian diva. God help the birds in both your care.

    Well first of all it would be nice to know who you are, it drives me crazy when
    people post anonymously! Second when I dip them in a vat of oil this will apply
    better but thanks for the post, it was very nicely said. If you had read my second
    post maybe you would not have been so quick to judge. So here it is again for

    I actually tried it in their bath water ... I used about a tsp in a
    Large spray bottle. Had to shake it up quite often but it still separated for the
    most part. I used it on my hands first to see how much of the oil actually came
    out and it felt about the same as using aloe in the water. All of the really thick
    messy stuff didn't come out so it worked quite well. Now everyone's dry and
    their feathers look even better now.

    When I said very little came out I mean VERY LITTLE. Now if I were stupid enough
    to "lather" them up with then yes your criticism was right on cue but since I didn't
    .. and had you bothered to READ the posts you would know that ... then your
    criticism is a preemptive strike. I do agree with you there are idiots out there that
    will try that so I do understand your position .. better safe than sorry.

    NOW what really bothers me is you "reprimanding" me on how I refer to my BIRDS.
    I cannot have CHILDREN .... SO my Birds are my FAMILY. Thank you for bring that
    wonderful tidbit back into the light of day!! Really appreciate it! As far as I'm
    concerned if you OWN birds and they are nothing to you than BIRDS then your
    BIRDS are the ones to be pitied. Do NOT feel sorry for my FIDS as they are MORE
    RESPECTED and better taken care of than 90% of any CHILD out there human, bird
    or otherwise!! My birds are NOT cage critters NOR are they breeders. All but 2 are
    rescues so don't lecture me on "how to respect them" or what they mean to me

    In conclusion: 1.)Thank you for your opinion. 2.)I'm not an idiot who is giving
    their BIRDS a bath in motor oil. 3.) I will refer to my CHILDREN ANY WAY I WANT

    Now have a wonderful day as I plan to! I'm giving all of my FIDS new toys :-)
    That's always a good day!


    GreyLady ... thank you again! You've always been a sweetheart to me and I
    appreciate that! Your advice is always appreciated