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Re: Anyone use Red Palm Oil?

Posted by Oh I See on 3/01/09
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    On 3/01/09, Gwen wrote:

    > NOW what really bothers me is you "reprimanding" me on how I
    refer to my BIRDS.
    > I cannot have CHILDREN .... SO my Birds are my FAMILY. Thank
    you for bring that
    > wonderful tidbit back into the light of day!! Really
    appreciate it!

    Gwen, sweetie, that's God's way of telling you "take the hint!"
    People who cannot have children usually cannot because their
    mental health is compromised and God does them a favor, not to
    mention the children they would endanger.
    Fids? Step away from the computer and PLEASE take your meds.
    And if you don't appreciate my comments, please keep your
    personal life, pathetic that it may be, to yourself. K?