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Re: Anyone use Red Palm Oil?/Gwen

Posted by GreyLady on 3/01/09
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    Had you not quoted him in your post, I would not have read it. I
    know who this person is and I know who he thinks I am. I have
    learned to ignore all posts that have some kind of name such as
    this. It's almost always this same person. His problem is, he
    is well known as the bane of every bird message board he can
    find. He begins posting, then thinks he is such an expert that
    he should be included on the management team of the board, or be
    titled as an advisor or moderator or whatever a board calls their
    people. When it doesn't happen, he turns vicious and posts such
    as these start showing up but with other names. Because of his
    behavior, he has been banned from them all, at least so far as
    the ones I am familiar with. I have come to regard him with a bit
    of pity because he is really a disturbed individual who only
    seems to have this kind of entertainment in his life. He is also
    viewed with no small amount of humor because of how he continues
    to debase himself, apparently without realizing it. My advice
    would be to ignore this kind of post in the future and continue
    to handle your FIDS in any way you see fit. I do have human
    children but it doesn't change in one iota, the way I feel about
    my FIDS.