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Re: Anyone use Red Palm Oil?

Posted by cindy on 3/02/09
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    No don't put it on their feathers! They are supposed to eat
    it and it works from within then. It will help make their
    tails a brighter red in time too.

    You can add some aloe and a bit of apple cider vinegar to
    their bath water to help also. My vet had me do that and it

    Do a web search and you can find more info.

    Hope this helps..

    /28/09, Gwen wrote:
    > Hi Everyone!
    > I've recently noticed a few of my fids itching and
    > occasionally pulling pin feathers out. We've all been to
    > the vet to find nothing but dry skin. I don't run a
    > humidifier but my guys get baths pretty often. (once every
    > day or 2) I recently bought a case of red palm oil for
    > myself and I found out that it's good for our feathered
    > family members also! It tastes like crap to me but I use it
    > for my hair. I'm going to try giving it to my fids on some
    > toast or bananas or something but I was wondering about
    > giving them baths with it? Oil doesn't mix well w/ water
    > but that's how I use it on my hair and it has helped w/ my
    > dry scalp so I was wondering if anyone uses it like this
    > for the birds? Does it help?? Mixed w/ warm water and
    > shaken often??
    > Any input is appreciated! Thanks Gwen