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Re: Anyone use Red Palm Oil?/Cindy

Posted by Gwen on 3/02/09
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    Hi Cindy!
    Thanks! I'm going to try the aloe and apple cider vinegar. As I said before barely
    any of the oil came out on them anyway due to it separating from the water.
    Managed to ruin my spray bottle but luckily I have tons of them lol Should buy
    stock! Besides giving them baths even with a tiny bit of it would break the bank ...
    the aloe and vinegar is much cheaper and frankly smells better too! Besides I clean
    the bottom of the cages w/ vinegar so I always have it. As for my fids eating the
    palm oil they seem to HATE it! I've tried it on toast and pasta and on their pellets
    and bananas and so far they all eat around it lol Smarter than people gave them
    credit for!
    Thanks again!

    On 3/02/09, cindy wrote:
    > No don't put it on their feathers! They are supposed to eat
    > it and it works from within then. It will help make their
    > tails a brighter red in time too.
    > You can add some aloe and a bit of apple cider vinegar to
    > their bath water to help also. My vet had me do that and it
    > helped.
    > Do a web search and you can find more info.
    > Hope this helps..
    > Cindy
    > /28/09, Gwen wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone!
    >> I've recently noticed a few of my fids itching and
    >> occasionally pulling pin feathers out. We've all been to
    >> the vet to find nothing but dry skin. I don't run a
    >> humidifier but my guys get baths pretty often. (once every
    >> day or 2) I recently bought a case of red palm oil for
    >> myself and I found out that it's good for our feathered
    >> family members also! It tastes like crap to me but I use it
    >> for my hair. I'm going to try giving it to my fids on some
    >> toast or bananas or something but I was wondering about
    >> giving them baths with it? Oil doesn't mix well w/ water
    >> but that's how I use it on my hair and it has helped w/ my
    >> dry scalp so I was wondering if anyone uses it like this
    >> for the birds? Does it help?? Mixed w/ warm water and
    >> shaken often??
    >> Any input is appreciated! Thanks Gwen