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Re: blue and gold macaw

Posted by D on 3/23/09
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    On 3/11/09, tracy wrote:
    > thinking about getting a macaw.just wandering if these are
    > good pets.i want a big bird i no they need alott of care
    > butt im a lil nervouse of getting bit. im getting this a
    > baby and it will be 5 months old and justwandering what you
    > think

    Hi Tracy!

    Have you ever had large bird experience? Anything larger than a cockatiel?
    Whether you have or whether you haven't a macaw is a TOTALLY different
    experience. I have 8 soon to be 9 and they teach me every day LoL The
    difference between my macaws and most other individuals that have that many
    is that mine are ALL PETS ... NOT breeders. That in itself makes a big
    difference. If you are afraid of being bitten I will tell you now .. get over that
    fear! It will happen eventually. BUT since you are getting a baby you have time
    to warm up to the idea AND time to teach the baby not to bite. Just so you know
    even the nicest sweetest calmest cutest bird on the planet will bite if put in the
    right situation! That's just nature. I honestly would much rather a macaw bite
    than an amazon bite and I'm VERY familiar with both! There is a HUGE
    difference between a "bite" and a "pinch" ... especially with macaws. Please
    understand they can very easily take a finger off or break your nose!! They have
    3000 + pounds of pressure in that beak! Teaching them when they are young
    helps but does NOT eliminate that possibility.

    Saying they need a lot of care is kind of an understatement LoL They are like
    having a 3 year old around for the rest of your life! Do you know when you're
    getting the baby? Have you chosen a name? Do you have a cage picked out? If
    so what size are you getting? Is it a playtop or are you going to have a separate
    play gym? What are you going to feed the baby? Will you have to hand feed or
    will he/she be weaned? Are you getting him/her from a breeder or a pet shop?
    If a breeder will they be close enough and willing to help you if a problem
    arises? Do you have an avian vet picked out? The BIG question is will you be
    able to listen to the screaming?

    I know TONS of questions but all good ones :-) It's good to have a battle plan!
    LoL that's my theory! If you would like to email me directly please feel free! I'd
    LOVE to talk with you! I'll also do my best to answer any questions you have! No
    offense to anyone on here but this is probably the worst place to ask for decent
    opinions. There are some really sweet hearts on this board *wink* you all know
    who you are ... BUT there are also some major jerks that will drag you through
    the dirt for the simplest question. Please feel free to email me!