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Re: need word of advice

Posted by GreyLady on 3/25/09
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    I think the best advice I can give you is based on my own
    experience with adopted parrots and on that of some of my
    clients. The very best thing for you and your new bird, to
    help him with the transition, is to know everything possible
    about his background. His likes, his dislikes, his
    vocabulary, his diet, his favorite treats and toys. If you
    did not get a lot of information from his previous owner, and
    if that's still possible, make a list and quiz them, in
    depth. Even if some of the things were not quite right, so
    long as it's nothing dangerous, keep things as much like he
    was used to as possible, for awhile. With one of my
    adoptees, I was in correspondence with his owner for at least
    3 months before the hand off and for a long time after. I
    knew everything there was to know about him. The transition
    was smooth beyond my wildest expectations. The other end of
    the spectrum was an adoptee about which I knew nothing at all
    and had no one to quiz. We have been two years plus in
    getting him/her to settle in well and we still aren't there
    yet. For example, I know the bird is trying to say things to
    me and there is so little I can understand, we are both
    always frustrated over it. He is obviously expecting certain
    responses from me and I'm helpless to respond in the manner
    he expects. I had no idea about his favorite foods, how and
    in what manner he liked to spend time with me, on and on. Re
    homing is always traumatic for them, even under the best of
    circumstances. The more you can keep things exactly as he
    was used to for awhile, the quicker he will be able to adjust
    to the things that you can't control. If you can arm
    yourself with that kind of information, you will both be so
    much better off. If you are unable to get the information,
    it's just going to require the patience of Job to help him
    make the transition and to learn to trust you. Best of luck
    to you with it and if more specific questions come up, just
    let us know. I, for one, will help you all I can. Having
    been through many adoptions, I know what you are facing.