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Posted by Lori on 4/14/09
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    What is the wording in this bill? That's what needs to be focused
    on. It's not surprising after that woman in CT. got her face
    ripped off by a 'domesticated' monkey. Don't fight the ban, try to
    influence what it says. Hybrid cats and dogs, Ferrets, rabbits,
    hedgehogs, sugar gliders, reptiles, fish, etc...let them know that
    these are, for the most part, harmless. Venomous snakes, large
    snakes, camen, for the educated enthusiast. It's
    tigers and chimps and other large, wild game that they're trying
    to ban...and rightly so.

    Remember, respectful requests go much farther than angry emails.
    You can be emotional without being rude. Let your reps know how
    you feel so they can ammend the bill to the liking of their
    constituants. They aren't trying to be evil, they're trying to
    keep their public safe. Let's help them with that.

    On 4/13/09, Lori wrote:
    > First off, exsisting pets are not going to be taken, second if
    > it doesnt come from US, and not native it does not belong. I for
    > one am so sick of people all over chatboards posting a site that
    > tries and tells everyone that their pets will have to go. BS!
    > It's a shame that our wildlife all over the world is getting
    > exploited, yes I am for control,My own belief is animal
    > population is out of control as well as backyard breeders. This
    > is only my Opinion and everyone has one, I know. So telling
    > people their fish, birds and ferrets will have to go, is nothing
    > but crap. Second, does anyone really think the import/export
    > will ever stop- NO That people really think pet ownership will
    > be dictated- Hell NO This is such a load of Bs. And No Im not
    > worried.There are so many here, there will never be a shortage
    > of parrots,The smuggling will never end, so the deaths of
    > parrots will never end, too many greedy parties. So for all the
    > people who post, you wont be keeping your pets are full of it.
    > No one is going to force you to hand over your pets..............
    > On 4/13/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >> Lori, I am curious as to your intrepretation of the whole
    >> bill. Yes, everyone needs to read it, in it's entirety.
    >> That's the only way to know what the true, long term intent
    >> is. But I'm interested in which parts you feel are only scare
    >> tactics, what are people saying that would be an attempt to
    > get
    >> people to "dump their pets" and why do you think the bill is
    >> acceptable, if that's what you think? Granted, I may be mis-
    >> reading your intent here so I'm sorry if that's the case. It
    >> sounds as if you are in favor of it. If so, can you share
    > your
    >> thoughts on it? Do you find it interesting that the sponsor
    > is
    >> from Guam? Two of the co-sponsors are from Hawaii and the
    >> Northern Mariana Islands? By all means, everyone owning a
    >> parrot or anything else considered "exotic" needs to really
    >> study this bill, word for word, and act accordingly.