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Posted by Lori on 4/14/09
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    Thankyou Rick, I to have 12 pet birds all rescues and mu husband and I
    have purchased and rehomed 29 in the past 5 years, so I am ALL for
    some sort of control. This past saturday we were begged to drive a
    hour and 1/2 to rescue a male eclectus, they didnt want to feed him
    what he needed and he lived in a parakeet cage! People make me sick,
    backyard breeders make me sick, greedy people make me sick, and stupid
    people just bedazzel me...........

    On 4/14/09, Rick wrote:
    > I agree with Lori referring to the overabundance of animals born into
    > back yard breeders, be it birds, dogs, cats, whatever. This is the
    > real problem, next to the uneducated people, buyers and sellers alike
    > who acquire many of these animals "on a whim" and have no clue as to
    > their true needs and demeanors, other than they are pretty or cool,
    > whatever gesture suits their emotional frame of mind at the time of
    > acquirement. More likely than not, it is all about greed, and the
    > animals, in the end, are the ones who suffer. They become a liability
    > to the sellers and are sold to the highest bidder to ready for the
    > next batch. So sad. A vicious cycle in the end.
    > I have 4 rescue Birds in my possession, due to the fact that people
    > could no longer care for them and their overwhelming, everyday needs.
    > So many times the thrill has warn off and realization had sent in,
    > leaving people shaking their heads and popping more Tylenol than
    > needed to deal with these demanding, creatures of the wild, bred into
    > captivity, not giving one thought to the LONG lived life expectancies
    > and commitment required. Birds have become a "throw away pet" just as
    > dogs. I am all for stopping the breeding and selling cycles for the
    > welfare of these magnificent creatures, but also, I know I am only
    > grasping at straws stating this.
    > I have copied the portion of the bill in question, regarding the
    > ownership of existing pets, Lori was speaking of.
    > (f) Animals Owned Lawfully Prior to Prohibition of Importation- This
    > Act and regulations issued under this Act shall not interfere with
    > ability of any person to possess an individual animal of any species
    > if such individual animal was legally owned by the person before the
    > risk assessment is begun pursuant to subsection (e)(3), even if such
    > species is later prohibited from being imported under the regulations
    > issued under this Act.
    > On 4/14/09, Lori wrote:
    >> What is the wording in this bill? That's what needs to be focused
    >> on. It's not surprising after that woman in CT. got her face
    >> ripped off by a 'domesticated' monkey. Don't fight the ban, try to
    >> influence what it says. Hybrid cats and dogs, Ferrets, rabbits,
    >> hedgehogs, sugar gliders, reptiles, fish, etc...let them know that
    >> these are, for the most part, harmless. Venomous snakes, large
    >> snakes, camen, for the educated enthusiast. It's
    >> tigers and chimps and other large, wild game that they're trying
    >> to ban...and rightly so.
    >> Remember, respectful requests go much farther than angry emails.
    >> You can be emotional without being rude. Let your reps know how
    >> you feel so they can ammend the bill to the liking of their
    >> constituants. They aren't trying to be evil, they're trying to
    >> keep their public safe. Let's help them with that.
    >> On 4/13/09, Lori wrote:
    >>> First off, exsisting pets are not going to be taken, second if
    >>> it doesnt come from US, and not native it does not belong. I for
    >>> one am so sick of people all over chatboards posting a site that
    >>> tries and tells everyone that their pets will have to go. BS!
    >>> It's a shame that our wildlife all over the world is getting
    >>> exploited, yes I am for control,My own belief is animal
    >>> population is out of control as well as backyard breeders. This
    >>> is only my Opinion and everyone has one, I know. So telling
    >>> people their fish, birds and ferrets will have to go, is nothing
    >>> but crap. Second, does anyone really think the import/export
    >>> will ever stop- NO That people really think pet ownership will
    >>> be dictated- Hell NO This is such a load of Bs. And No Im not
    >>> worried.There are so many here, there will never be a shortage
    >>> of parrots,The smuggling will never end, so the deaths of
    >>> parrots will never end, too many greedy parties. So for all the
    >>> people who post, you wont be keeping your pets are full of it.
    >>> No one is going to force you to hand over your pets..............
    >>> On 4/13/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >>>> Lori, I am curious as to your intrepretation of the whole
    >>>> bill. Yes, everyone needs to read it, in it's entirety.
    >>>> That's the only way to know what the true, long term intent
    >>>> is. But I'm interested in which parts you feel are only scare
    >>>> tactics, what are people saying that would be an attempt to
    >>> get
    >>>> people to "dump their pets" and why do you think the bill is
    >>>> acceptable, if that's what you think? Granted, I may be mis-
    >>>> reading your intent here so I'm sorry if that's the case. It
    >>>> sounds as if you are in favor of it. If so, can you share
    >>> your
    >>>> thoughts on it? Do you find it interesting that the sponsor
    >>> is
    >>>> from Guam? Two of the co-sponsors are from Hawaii and the
    >>>> Northern Mariana Islands? By all means, everyone owning a
    >>>> parrot or anything else considered "exotic" needs to really
    >>>> study this bill, word for word, and act accordingly.

    eclectus rescue