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Re: Feeding birds HELP Please!

Posted by Marcie on 7/28/09
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    On 5/01/09, val wrote:
    > On 4/15/09, Lori wrote:
    >> Okay, here is our problem, we feed fresh and cooked foods.
    >> We also offer pellets, which vet says science diet cat
    >> food has more nutrients and better for them. What I want
    >> to ask and find out, anyone feed cat or dog food to their
    >> birds? I know it has to be better than seed and crap we
    >> feed. I want to know what you all feed with economy bad
    >> and every penny being counted for is there a cheaper,
    >> better way to feed. I want all of your opinion's please.
    > Hello all ! I know money is tight right now for people around
    > the world, but I would never feed my parrots cat food or dog
    > food. There is a pellet out there that is cheaper, than
    > zupreem and most other good pellets. It cost like a dollar a
    > pound. Dr. D's pellets, it is all natural and has been around
    > for a while now

    I agree even with things tight you can stretch the budget I
    personally buy one bag of the really great seed a month and
    mix it with a mid level But than I also instead of buying beak
    appetite and that type stuff make my own couscous and carrots
    and such It is cheaper buying grains and seeds at a local
    Common Market or wholesale foods natural foods etc than to go
    buying it made by a large company. i save a lot more money
    making my own bird muffins and stuff.
    I stick with baking and cooking from scratch though as too
    many processed stuff like Jiffy corn meal etc has too many
    additives sugars etc,

    i have loads of great recipes