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Re: HR669 bill

Posted by Concerned about concerned on 4/16/09
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    On 4/16/09, concerned wrote:
    > Yes, I am very concerned about this bill coming up. No
    > the government will not take you birds away, but yet you
    > cannot leave your state with them nor can you will them
    > out if something happens to you. Hmmm.... The government
    > might exemption some parrots, but probably not all of
    > them, then what. Some breeders might so the hell with it
    > and turn them loose. By the way, not all of us breeders
    > are NOT making a lot of money in breeding them. So get
    > your facts straight. I'm a specialize breeder that breeds
    > an extremely endangered species in the wild. I breed them
    > so maybe our next generation will see them and appreciate
    > them. For the sake of our birds in capavity, I sure hope
    > that Damn bill does not pass.

    Why do I doubt that one who is a "specialize breeder" would
    have the permits and licenses required to breed an "extremely
    endangered species" be this illiterate?