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Re: HR669 bill

Posted by Everywhere on 4/20/09
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    Have you actually read the bill?

    Which of the following do you think we should have in this

    Look here and you'll find many more:

    Many native species have been crowded out or can't compete
    with invasives. One that comes to mind is the European
    Starling, a most annoying and destructive pest which someone
    saw fit to introduce to America over 100 years ago. All of
    the millions of them in this country came from an initial
    group of 100 birds.

    On 4/16/09, concerned wrote:
    > Yes, I am very concerned about this bill coming up. No
    > the government will not take you birds away, but yet you
    > cannot leave your state with them nor can you will them
    > out if something happens to you. Hmmm.... The government
    > might exemption some parrots, but probably not all of
    > them, then what. Some breeders might so the hell with it
    > and turn them loose. By the way, not all of us breeders
    > are NOT making a lot of money in breeding them. So get
    > your facts straight. I'm a specialize breeder that breeds
    > an extremely endangered species in the wild. I breed them
    > so maybe our next generation will see them and appreciate
    > them. For the sake of our birds in capavity, I sure hope
    > that Damn bill does not pass.