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Re: blue Front Amazon...

Posted by GreyLady on 4/19/09
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    First off, you are rushing way too fast. Back off and slow
    down. Four days doesn't even scratch the surface of what
    it's going to take to get her to trust you. Especially if
    she is cage protective. Four days would be too fast, even if
    she had previously been the most loving gentle bird.
    Rehoming is very traumatic for them, under the best of
    circumstances. My guess is, she was rarely if ever let out
    before. Depending on her age and how she was treated, (or
    ignored) before, it could take a very long time for her to
    come around. All you should be doing at this point is
    allowing her to get to know you by spending time in the same
    room, near the cage, just talking to her. Later on, you can
    open the door but do not try to reach in and force her to
    come out. Leave the decision to come out or not, entirely up
    to her. Just open the door everytime you have time to keep
    her supervised, just in case. When she gets used to seeing
    the door open, you could try placing a parrot stand close to
    the cage with some toys and treats that might entice her.
    The BFA's that I've had experience with, tend to be a tad on
    the crabby, nippy side, especially as they get a few years on
    them. Everybody who has one that is an angel will jump in
    here and say I'm wrong. But I'm only speaking from the ones
    with whom I've had interaction. If you don't know a lot
    about her background, if she said any words, what kinds of
    things did she like or dislike, and if possible, get back
    with the previous owner and really pick their brains. The
    more you can do and say things like she was used to, the
    better. Even if some of it was not quite the right way to do
    things, so long as it's not abusive and dangerous,
    familiarity will mean more to her for awhile than the best of
    everything. Just be patient with her, no matter how long it