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Re: blue Front Amazon...

Posted by GreyLady on 4/19/09
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    > They said they were selling it for a friend who was going
    > through a divorce... The Bird is 7 years old. Thats all they
    > know.. She only had the bird for a couple of days... Do you
    > think with time she will get use to us and not be aggresive?

    I'm wondering how well you know the seller? This sounds very
    suspicious, at least to a long time parrot owner. There may be
    extenuationg circumstances, maybe both of them were ready to get
    rid of the bird, etc. However, especially assuming they had the
    bird the whole 7 years, it's highly unlikely they would just turn
    it over for someone else to sell to the first person who comes
    along with the money. Parrot owners usually love their birds far
    too much to leave a new home to chance, as it seems has been done
    here. I admit, I have a suspicious nature but I have to wonder
    if they can put you in touch with the previous owner to prove
    they came by the bird legally or if it might be either a stolen,
    or found, bird and someone saw a quick buck in the deal. I
    really think I'd be trying to check into it if I were you. But,
    that aside, there is simply no way to predict what might or might
    not happen, nor a time table for it. There are just too many
    unknowns about the bird's previous history and just how much, or
    how little "baggage" it may have. I can only say the same
    thing. Patience, patience, patience and showing her a gentle,
    loving and soft spoken approach, at all times. That's important
    no matter how she acts. I work with birds like this all the
    time. Some are much worse than what you describe, some not so
    bad. Sometimes, being able to observe, and interact with the
    bird, in person, I (or any other parrot behaviorist) might be
    able to give you an idea of about how much work needds to be
    done. But even then, there are no guarantees. They simply are
    not like dogs and cats, whose trust we can almost always gain,
    with enough time and proper treatment. That's because they have
    been domesticated for many generations. That's not true of
    parrots and is the main reason they can be so difficult to work
    with, once they have picked up that "baggage". Just do your best
    and consider engaging the skills of a good behaviorist, at some
    time in the future if you are not seeing any progress. I hope
    you have a good, true, Avian vet near you and that's a good place
    to start for a recommendation. Best of luck to you.