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Post: Blue Fronted Amazon Male.

Posted by Debbie Taylor on 5/08/09

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    We have a beautiful male Blue Fronted Amazon who is about
    25 yrs old. He was with one owner prior to us and she had
    him for 15 yrs. He bonded immediately to my husband and he
    hates me! I don't want to have to find another home for
    him but due to my husband's allergies and asthma, he
    doesn't hold him at all anymore and the bird is "starving
    for love and affection". I've tried for for years,
    especially the last couple years, to get him to come
    around to me and he just won't. I have 7 other pet
    parrots and I know how they can be. I feel soooo bad for
    him because he wants attention from my husband so badly
    and he's not getting it and it's just sad.

    Anyway, due to the aggresiveness of mature blue fronted
    Amazons, Joe (the amazon), needs to be in a home with no
    children living there and preferably with an older, single
    person who can give him lots of attention and who is
    familiar with birds and not afraid of them. Joe would be
    ok with a couple as long as the person he "does not bond
    to" is careful not to approach the other person while
    holding Joe.

    We live in IL and if someone is interested in taking Joe
    they would have to be in Illinois, preferably in the
    western suburbs, so I could stay in touch for awhile to
    make sure Joe is doing ok.

    If interested please email me.

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