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Re: Blue Fronted Amazon Male.

Posted by ceton rosales on 8/16/09
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    On 5/08/09, Debbie Taylor wrote:
    > We have a beautiful male Blue Fronted Amazon who is about
    > 25 yrs old. He was with one owner prior to us and she had
    > him for 15 yrs. He bonded immediately to my husband and he
    > hates me! I don't want to have to find another home for
    > him but due to my husband's allergies and asthma, he
    > doesn't hold him at all anymore and the bird is "starving
    > for love and affection". I've tried for for years,
    > especially the last couple years, to get him to come
    > around to me and he just won't. I have 7 other pet
    > parrots and I know how they can be. I feel soooo bad for
    > him because he wants attention from my husband so badly
    > and he's not getting it and it's just sad.
    > Anyway, due to the aggresiveness of mature blue fronted
    > Amazons, Joe (the amazon), needs to be in a home with no
    > children living there and preferably with an older, single
    > person who can give him lots of attention and who is
    > familiar with birds and not afraid of them. Joe would be
    > ok with a couple as long as the person he "does not bond
    > to" is careful not to approach the other person while
    > holding Joe.
    > We live in IL and if someone is interested in taking Joe
    > they would have to be in Illinois, preferably in the
    > western suburbs, so I could stay in touch for awhile to
    > make sure Joe is doing ok.
    > If interested please email me.