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Re: african grey and cockatoo

Posted by kelly on 5/10/09
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    On 5/09/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > How old are they? Are they babies or grown birds? If they
    > had previous owners, how much do you know about their past
    > history?
    These are all grown birds, I got the u2s from a woman in nh
    who rescued the 2 from a bad situation-they are I have no idea
    how old, but they lay a lot of eggs and have given me one baby
    in the 7 months I have owned them, the grey is 6 and a
    plucker, but not as bad as the u2s, although the male is not
    a plucker and the female is totally naked chest, I just wonder
    how long it will take before they realize they are in a happy
    home-no stress, no yelling, living on a farm in front of a
    nice picture window with lots of light and I completely close
    them in at night so they can get good rest. All have access
    to the tv and natural light, quiet, fresh fruit and veggies in
    the day and roudy bush for their vitamins. Maybe I am just
    too over anxious. And they all also have free time outside ss
    from their cages when I am home ( 80% of the time) and lots of
    toys to play with. I also cook them lots of scrambled eggs
    from my free range chickens.