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Re: african grey and cockatoo

Posted by kelly on 5/12/09
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    On 5/11/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 5/10/09, kelly wrote:
    >> On 5/09/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >>> How old are they? Are they babies or grown birds? If they
    >>> had previous owners, how much do you know about their past
    >>> history?
    >> These are all grown birds, I got the u2s from a woman in nh
    >> who rescued the 2 from a bad situation-they are I have no idea
    >> how old, but they lay a lot of eggs and have given me one baby
    >> in the 7 months I have owned them, the grey is 6 and a
    >> plucker, but not as bad as the u2s, although the male is not
    >> a plucker and the female is totally naked chest, I just wonder
    >> how long it will take before they realize they are in a happy
    >> home-no stress, no yelling, living on a farm in front of a
    >> nice picture window with lots of light and I completely close
    >> them in at night so they can get good rest. All have access
    >> to the tv and natural light, quiet, fresh fruit and veggies in
    >> the day and roudy bush for their vitamins. Maybe I am just
    >> too over anxious. And they all also have free time outside ss
    >> from their cages when I am home ( 80&37; of the time) and lots
    > of
    >> toys to play with. I also cook them lots of scrambled eggs
    >> from my free range chickens.
    > Okay, thanks for the extra info. It helps. It sounds like you
    > are doing the right things. It's just going to take time. The
    > thing about parrots is, they are usually pets or they are
    > birds and rarely both. For breeders to be successful, they have
    > to have as little interaction and "disturbance" from humans as
    > possible. So they have probably never been used to the new kind
    > of lifestyle you are now providing. How long they will stay
    > and distrustful is not something we can predict. About all you
    > can do is continue as you are, showing them they can trust you.
    > They may eventually come around or they may not. The plucking
    > may come from previous frustrations in their enviornment, maybe
    > having chicks pulled from them too soon and several other
    > possibilities. But, the thing with plucking is there are
    > only two basic causes. Behaviorial or a health issue. If they
    > continue it, it might not hurt to get them a check up with a
    > Avian vet. If by chance there is any health issue, then working
    > on it from a behavioral approach is only spinning your wheels.
    > One thing I want to mention is the light situation. You say
    > have "natural light" but not unless you are providing it from a
    > proper full spectrum light. If they are getting their light
    > through a window, they are not getting what they need. All
    > modern windows filter out the very part of the spectrum that our
    > birds need. That's because it's the same part that fades our
    > drapes, carpet and furniture. Another thing is proper bathing
    > opportunities. If they haven't had that, some of the plucking
    > could be that they are uncomfortable. Both Greys and Toos are
    > very high dust/dander birds and need good soaking baths. Good
    > for them, good for your housekeeoping chores. My Grey likes a
    > large flat cake pan, filled with ice cubes and cold water. Yep,
    > sounds wierd but..........Also, running the vac can inspire many
    > of them to take a good bath, for reasons known only to the
    > If you can get them to take a good bath, whether in a pan or by
    > misting, you can try adding 100&37; pure aloe juice to the bath
    > water. Not an over the counter product that "contains aloe" as
    > that can be dangerous. I get mine straight from one of the many
    > aloe plants I keep growing at all times. Cut off an arm, slit
    > open and mix the gooey center in the water. It's very soothing
    > and pure aloe is as good for their insides as their outsides so
    > you don't have to worry how much you use. Check out the link
    > more info on that. That's about all I can think of at the
    > moment. Good luck with them.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. Actually, the
    Grey is coming around but the u2's will forever be bonded and that
    is ok with me too. All of this is going to take a lot of time and
    I now realize that. I am putting up outdoor aviaries for them in
    the summer but I live in ma, and I need to be sure it will be warm
    enough for them before putting them out. I guess for now I will
    just roll their cages outside during the warm days, friday is
    going to be great this week. I need to be sure they have enough
    access to shade as the sun, because I don't want heat stroke. My
    egg food just came in and I have ordered a mister for all of the
    birds, they are too afraid of the regular spray bottle. I guess
    the smartest thing for me to do now is leave it in God's hands, as
    I have been praying for a miracle with these birds, yet I just
    realized just having them in my home is a miracle from Him. God
    Bless you grey lady-thank you for everything.