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Re: african grey and cockatoo

Posted by GreyLady on 5/13/09
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    You are more than welcome. If I've helped any at all, I'm glad.
    Yes, time and patience can be the answer to most parrot issues.
    Especially rehomed and/or previous breeders. A couple more
    suggestions, based on this last info. Be careful about subjecting
    them to sudden temperature changes of more than about 10 or 15
    degrees. For example, if you keep your house at 70%, it's not good
    to put them out when it's over 85. And yes, access to shade is
    critical. Also when putting them outside, we have to be sure they
    are protected, not just from the obvious predators but also from
    mosquitos. Mosquitos can carry the West Nile virus. Humans can
    survive it, parrots, not likely. We also have to stay aware of all
    the air borne diseases and the parasites carried by wild birds. If
    wild birds can get droppings inside their enclosure, that can be
    bad. If you are in an area where there are Hawks and other raptors,
    you must be careful of that as well. It's good to have a solid, or
    at least non-see through cover. Even if a raptor cannot get to them,
    it can frighten them so badly they can injure themselves, flying
    madly around the enclosure. About the mister or spray bottles, many
    don't like them at all. But some will learn to enjoy it so long as
    you never spray directly at them. We don't ever want to do that.
    Always mist or spray from above so it drifts down on them like rain.
    It sounds like you have a good understanding of what they need and
    I'm sure that with time, you will all do well.