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Re: WANTED : congo african grey

Posted by Jon on 6/14/09
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    On 5/31/09, Becky wrote:
    > i am looking for a cheap bird for my 16th birthday
    > can anyone help me ??????

    I would suggest contacting your local parrot rescue, or
    craigslist to find an abused bird to help with. But since you
    are 16 I highly suggest you do not get a med or large parrot.
    Med / Large parrots live a very long time and tend to scare
    many people who are fine with smaller birds. Also CAG's tend
    to lean towards one person. So chances are you will leave to
    go off to college or jail in a couple years. :) And he will
    have to live with you parents or rehome him which is not fair.
    I would be looking for a Quaker Parrot, Conure, or even a lil
    teil. These smaller guys tend to be much more open and
    friendly with everyone so rehoming a sweet lil quaker is much
    much easier then rehoming a CAG that is set in his ways and
    can take a finger off if he's in the mood.