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Re: How about a quaker?

Posted by for Idunno on 9/15/09
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    On 9/14/09, Idunno wrote:
    > On 7/10/09, T. wrote:
    >> Hi , I am wanting a small parrot type bird ,and am
    >> undecided,heres what im looking for : (have had
    >> finches,canaries,doves,budgies) ,looking for a pet
    >> bird,want a bird that can talk,& is fairly small & good
    >> for a beginner,want a bird from a breeder ,hand fed would
    >> be best,want a male,was thinking either an english
    >> budgie ,or a parrotlet ,open to suggestions...Thanks :)
    >> oh yes and i am in northeastern, Pennsylvania
    > Quakers are small and have a great vocabs.

    Quakers are illegal in PA. Maybe you didinothat?