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Re: Borna virus What to look for

Posted by sam on 7/27/09
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    On 7/26/09, karen wrote:
    > On 7/26/09, Sam wrote:
    >> I was wondering if anyone on here knows what to look for in
    >> your parrot ? I have heard that there is a case of a parrot
    >> with borna virus in my town and I'm really worried. Please
    >> everywhere I look on the web does not say what to look for
    > disease-may-be-caused-by-horse-virus.html
    > look up PDD
    > The bird will waste away or starve
    Thank you I have read that before. There was a confirmed case of
    the borna virus near where I live and the lady was selling and
    adopting rescued birds. She has a store and I don't want
    anything to happen to my babies. She has not been honest with
    any of us that have gone to her store. And I'm scared now