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Re: Borna virus What to look for

Posted by GreyLady on 7/27/09
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    There was a confirmed case of
    > the borna virus near where I live and the lady was selling and
    > adopting rescued birds. She has a store and I don't want
    > anything to happen to my babies. She has not been honest with
    > any of us that have gone to her store. And I'm scared now

    The first thing I would do is contact my vet. Hopefully you are
    one of the lucky ones who is within reach of a true Avian vet.
    If you suspect there is any chance your bird has been exposed,
    the vet can run tests. It's a blood test I think. I'm also
    pretty sure this is a reportable disease. Meaning any vet who
    discovers it, is required to make a report. Again, I can't swear
    to that so ask the vet. Unless you or your bird has been in the
    store and exposed to an ill bird, you probably don't have to
    worry about it. Just always be sure you thoroughly wash up and
    maybe even change clothes when you come home, prior to going
    anywhere near your bird. I hope your bird is okay.