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Re: Borna virus What to look for

Posted by karen on 7/27/09
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    On 7/27/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > There was a confirmed case of
    >> the borna virus near where I live and the lady was selling and
    >> adopting rescued birds. She has a store and I don't want
    >> anything to happen to my babies. She has not been honest with
    >> any of us that have gone to her store. And I'm scared now
    > The first thing I would do is contact my vet.

    I would not take my bird to a vet with PDD in the area
    There is NO CURE & your bird could pick up the virus in the vet
    office. Do not go to the pet store or near any other birds or
    people with birds. I would purchase food on line.
    I Never purchase bird toys at bird fairs or stores that have birds.
    If food is not packaged do not buy it.
    Fosters & smith is a good spot on line to purchse food & toys
    This is also not the time to purchse a "used" cage.
    It will take time for the virus to work its way through your
    area. Isolation is the only chance to keep your bird safe.
    People with live stock do not come in contact with other peoples
    farms (chickens, pigs etc) for fear of loosing there entire stock
    to a virus. It is thought that the virus can cling to dander and
    travel to your "stock" on your clothing
    Most bird breeders do not allow people to vistit there closed
    breeding area to keep the birds safe from virus
    A breeder can loose there entire flock with one mistake
    Please play it as safe as possable