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Re: Borna virus What to look for

Posted by Been There, Done That on 7/27/09
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    On 7/27/09, karen wrote:
    > A breeder can loose there entire flock with one mistake
    > Please play it as safe as possable

    Those are wonderful and inspirational words, but let me tell you from
    my own experience.
    I did everything right. I quarantined new birds in an entirely
    different air space from my existing flock. All new birds were seen
    by my avian vet and were tested for what could be tested. PDD is not
    able to be confirmed until it is actively shedding the virus.
    I didn't go to fairs, bought packaged food, toys, etc.
    I thought I did everything right and then one dismal day I had a sick
    bird that tested positive for PDD. Long story short, I had five
    birds that tested positive and died, thank God, quickly. I say this
    because even with the best supportive care, there is no hope for
    recovery. I will ad that these birds were Old Word parrots.
    I was devastated, embarrassed and confused as to why it could happen
    to someone like me who did what I thought was "right."

    PDD is one of those awful diseases that exists and can happen even
    under the best of circumstances. Please show a little compassion for
    anyone you know that is going through this or has gone through it.
    If you think it can't happen to you...think again. It's not
    a "mistake, but rather a fact of life when you keep one or one
    hundred birds. I pray you never have to go through this.

    On the plus side, if there is one, those birds that do survive being
    exposed and not developing the disease, also develop somewhat of an
    immunity to it.