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Re: Calcium

Posted by GreyLady on 8/13/09
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    On 8/13/09, Barb wrote:
    > Any suggestions on how much calcium to use on either a
    > daily basis or weekly basis. Thanks in advanced. Barb

    It might depend in part on what kind of bird. I know it can
    be tricky with Greys for instance, hoping to keep the balance
    between enough but not too much. Of course discuss it with
    your vet but I'd suggest not trying to use any kind of
    additive to either food or water. Just make sure you offer
    enough variety of foods that are high in calcium, including a
    cuttle bone if you have a bird that will use one. They know
    what they need and if you are making the right foods
    available, they usually regulate themselves pretty well. If
    you are concerned, your vet can do a blood test to determine
    how your bird stands as to needing more or less. Also don't
    offer spinach as one of the leafy greens. It contains
    oxylates that can interfere with calcium absorption. Vitamin
    D from natural sun or a proper full spectrum light is also
    crucial to good calcium use.