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Re: Injured Parrotlet

Posted by GreyLady on 8/27/09
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    I wish you would have given your general location so I would
    know if this list has any chance of helping you.
    Unfortunately, there are still many areas where avian vets
    are few and far between. Many bird owners still have to go
    quite a way to get to one. Of course I can only take a guess
    but it sounds like the little guy may be have had a head or
    neck injury. It sounds neurological and if so, only a good
    vet is going to be able to help. Keeping him as quiet and
    stress free as possible is the right decision but unless you
    can get him to a vet, somewhere, somehow, I don't know what
    else you can do. Do make sure he doesn't get chilled. An
    ill or injured bird can have a hard time maintaining body
    temperature so keep that in mind. If you get him past this,
    for future reference, never just turn one loose right after a
    clip. Always let them test the new clip over a soft surface
    like a bed or very thick carpet. They have to learn their
    new limitations first. If he flew into something, that is an
    indication of an uneven clip and/or an over clip. I would
    not have another clip done by whoever did this one. I'd say
    they did not know what they were doing. Best of luck to you.

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