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Post: Chet Womack

Posted by Donna Young on 11/24/09

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    I believe Chet needs to study A DVD I would like to offer on
    how to shut up!
    I ordered a Package but the hard sell does not stop. He is
    worse than any Macaw. I am so offended by this man and his
    never ending rantings and hard sell I wish I never ordered a
    thing from him.
    I already have an intense dislike for this man.
    I am a wildlife animal rescuer in the jungle of Belize. He
    is worse than any specie I have riun across.
    I already do not want to watch the instructional videos I
    paid for because I have grown to dislike the man in such a
    short time.
    He needs to back off or buy some time on paid for TV.


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