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Re: Female Eclectus

Posted by Hank on 8/28/10
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    On 4/11/10, Jennifer wrote:
    > I have been raising eclectus for a number of years now and if
    > you've never had a bird before I wouldn't recommend you
    > starting off with a female eclectus. They can be very
    > temperamental. If you do decide to, i suggest you go to
    > house several times to handle her and make sure it's what you
    > want.

    I have a female eclectus that I got from some people that
    couldn't keep her for a number of reasons. She was an
    absolute angel when I would go to visit her, which I did
    almost daily for a couple months. As soon as I got her home,
    I saw the Mr. Hyde side of her... She began to attack me on a
    random basis, and I was her main handler. Now that she has
    taken to my wife, I can't even let her out of her cage unless
    I have shoes, long pants, and socks on. I have so many scars
    from her, and I don't know what to do. Now we have an infant
    that will be a year old in December, and I refuse to let her
    even get close to him for fear that he'll lose a finger or
    toe... She is EXTREMELY aggressive toward men, but loves my
    wife. My wife says we can't find a new home for the bird
    because she has bonded with it, but I'm now scared to death of
    her. Any ideas on what I can do? I'd like to potentially
    propose a trade at a pet store for a cockatoo, but my wife
    refuses to give the bird up. The bird has pulled out all of
    her feathers, except for her head, tail, and wings. She's
    quite ugly and agressive, and I don't want to deal with her
    anymore. I've now had her for almost 3 years, and I curse the
    day I let her into our home! Please help!