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Re: Anyone have hints on how to put wieght on a macaw?

Posted by wendy on 1/02/10
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    On 12/20/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > It sounds like you have her on a good diet. You may just have to
    > give it the time to help her catch up some on her weight.
    > However, there is another reason they can seem too thin in the
    > chest/breast area. That is lack of flying or at least, flapping
    > exercises. Most Macaws I know love to do their flapping, dailey
    > even if they don't fly. Having Macaws, you may already know all
    > this but holding them on your hand or arm, slowly raising and
    > lowering your arm can encourage them to flap. Most, after
    > getting the hang of it, look forward to it and will eagerly flap
    > a lot, given the chance. It's especially important for those who
    > don't fly, whether from being clipped or just lack of practice or
    > space. If she will flap for you, that will help build her chest
    > muscles.