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Re: Anyone have hints on how to put wieght on a macaw?

Posted by Tim on 12/19/09
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    On 12/17/09, Elizabeth wrote:
    > Hi
    > I 'adopted' a greenwinged macaw who is under weight.
    > All "her" tests came back negective so she was not fed
    > properly.
    > Does anyone have any hints of what to feed her? She
    > gets a endless bowl of Zupreem Fruit, apples, oranges and
    > mixed nuts daily plus always clean filtered water. I also
    > give her sweet potato or white potato daily and enjoys my
    > organically raised chicken.
    > Any hints? She was severely abused and I would like to
    > see her at her normal weight.
    > Elizabeth

    Feed nuts with a higher fat content, corn, add more seed to
    the diet, when you say underweight, do you mean the
    breastbone is very predominate or that the bird is small in
    size for a greenwing?