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Re: Anyone have hints on how to put wieght on a macaw?

Posted by Elizabeth on 12/19/09
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    She is older, supposed to 54 yrs old. She was living in a
    horrible place. She is not small but her breast bone doesn't
    have that much fat on it like my macaws and she is in rough
    feather. Not chewing, my vet said it was too dry for her and
    once she molted it would be better with the right humidity and
    I increased her nuts and bought her some good seed mix,
    frozen corn and mixed veggies plus her zupreem, mixed
    unshelled nuts and treats. I know it will take a while to put
    the weight on her I just want to do whatever I can to help her.
    She really is the sweetest bird as long as you moave slowly
    around her. She LOVES chicken. I raise my own so they are
    What about pinenuts? I ordered 50lbs of nuts online today
    and saw pinenuts I know my umbrellas Love them what about
    macaws? Are they higher in fat?
    Thanks for helping me with her. If anyone has a good name
    suggestion for an older greenwing let me know I am at a loss
    of what to name her (her DNA came back and she is a she! My
    vet was right!)

    > Feed nuts with a higher fat content, corn, add more seed to
    > the diet, when you say underweight, do you mean the
    > breastbone is very predominate or that the bird is small in
    > size for a greenwing?