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Re: Anyone have hints/ Also

Posted by GreyLady on 12/20/09
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    I meant to add, about the pine nuts. I have no idea if this may be
    consistent with other birds or if it's only my Sennie. He loves
    his daily pine nuts but I have learned I have to restrict him to no
    more than 3 per day. In his case at least, it seems to work on him
    like way too much caffiene for us. He gets hyper, loud and
    flighty. With only three, he is fine. Of course he is much
    smaller so even if a Macaw were to have the same reaction, I'm sure
    she could have more than that. Maybe if anyone else has seen this
    reaction to pine nuts, they can share their experience and how many
    they allow per day. If it were me, and if she likes them, I'd
    start with maybe only about 5, watch her reactions and gradually
    increase her amount so long as you don't see her getting "jittery".