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Post: Bird advice sought.

Posted by NYMelody on 2/04/10

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    I've been doing quite a bit of research online trying to
    decide which type of bird would be a good fit for my family
    and of course where to purchase such. I've narrowed my
    choices to the following:
    1. Quaker parrot
    2. Indian Ringneck parakeet
    3. Lovebird

    I currently have two finches, one canary, one cat, one dog
    and a husband. :)

    I had a lovebird which was a rescue who just recently died.
    He was great! So tame and loving. Hope I can find something

    Just wondering if the noise level would be about the same
    for the other breed of birds. Is it doable for apartment
    living? Which one to choose and where to find a place or
    dealer that sells either a Quaker or IRP in the New York
    City area.

    I don't want to have a bird shipped but would rather see it
    and interact with it first. Any advice for this all around
    animal lover is welcome.

    Thank you!

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