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Re: Bird advice sought.

Posted by Lacey on 3/17/10
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    Personally i would join a group (yahoo groups) for the species
    that you really feel a connection with than see if they can
    recommend a good breeder in the area you are in.

    I did not do that when I first got mine and went to a breeder
    who was posted online on a ad site. The bird I got was healthy
    but he was on a pellet only diet (which for the species is not
    recommended) and he was afraid of everything.
    She also kept No records so only had a GENERAL idea of his
    hatch date. The female i got later from another lady was
    basically the same situation

    I decided to join a couple yahoo groups and have since met
    some wonderful breeders and owners.
    This would be a great idea for you especially for locating
    really reputable breeders.

    this is the BEST lovebird group on Yahoo
    also for lovebirds there is Lovebirds Plus a GREAT Forum

    For Quaker Info has a great Forum
    or these Yahoo groups

    this one covers several bird types

    Hope this helps It was a HUGE help for me even if I had
    already gotten two My last one came from a LOVELY hobby
    breeder who only had 2 breeding pairs and who works a lot with
    each baby.

    By the way if you can handle a Lovebirds call you can handle a
    Quaker. LOL
    I adore Quaker as they if gotten young and worked with and
    gotten from a good breeder and you spend time teaching him or
    her the birds can be amazing in what it can learn. Quakers are
    amazing birds as are lovebirds. i have only fostered a
    Ringneck and wow was he LOUD Unsure if they all are that way
    but when he left loose in the morning he left the whole
    building know he was up LOL


    On 2/04/10, NYMelody wrote:
    > I've been doing quite a bit of research online trying to
    > decide which type of bird would be a good fit for my family
    > and of course where to purchase such. I've narrowed my
    > choices to the following:
    > 1. Quaker parrot
    > 2. Indian Ringneck parakeet
    > 3. Lovebird
    > I currently have two finches, one canary, one cat, one dog
    > and a husband. :)
    > I had a lovebird which was a rescue who just recently died.
    > He was great! So tame and loving. Hope I can find something
    > similar.
    > Just wondering if the noise level would be about the same
    > for the other breed of birds. Is it doable for apartment
    > living? Which one to choose and where to find a place or
    > dealer that sells either a Quaker or IRP in the New York
    > City area.
    > I don't want to have a bird shipped but would rather see it
    > and interact with it first. Any advice for this all around
    > animal lover is welcome.
    > Thank you!