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Re: are cockatiels softbilled parrots?

Posted by joy elmore on 8/16/10
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    On 8/16/10, Susanne Russo wrote:
    > On 8/15/10, joy elmore wrote:
    >> my sister has several, she says they are, I disagree.
    > ------------------------------------
    > No cockatiels are hookbils.
    > The word 'softbill' has nothing to do with the hardness or
    > shape of the beak. The origin of the word is based on the
    > softness of the food eaten. It is a term given to birds
    > that eat plant matter, fruit, insects, and some nectars.
    > Generally excluded from this class are birds that eat mainly
    > seed or birds of prey.

    thank you---- now I know for sure, she had me almost convinced.